K Logistics has a vast experience in project cargo worldwide.

One of our specialisations are the CIS countries.

Below a part of some major projects we have done over the last years.

- Regular imports of timber and woodlogs from Siberia via the ports of Archangelsk and St, Petersburg to Western Europe. Over 300000 CBD handled with 35   ships.

- Transports and procurement services for Severonikel, Nickel Plant in Monchegorsk/Russia. Regular imports of copperstone from Chimkent/Kazakhstan to   Western Europe via rail to Kaliningrad and per vessel to Antwerp.

- 8.000 Ft for nickel plant in Murmansk.

- 2.400 Ft brewery project from Europe to Yakutsk.

- 3.500 Ft solvent and extraction plant to Krasnodar/Russia.

- 1.500 Ft sunflower extraction plant to Alekseyevka/Russia

- 1.000 Ft deodorizing plant gor Baku/Azerbeidjan.

- 1.200 Ft bleaching unit for Nizhny Novgorod/Russia.

- Regular transport and procurement services for the Rosneft Kombinat in Komsomoslk/Russia.

- 2.000 Ft brewery installation to Kiev/Ukraine via Dnjepr river.

- 2.000 Ft brewery installation to Zaporozhe/Ukraine via Dnjepr river.

- 2.500 Ft brewery installation to Chimkent/Kazakhstan.

- 1.500 Ft brewery installation to Volzhsky/Russia via Volga river.

- Regular transports of fulltrains Polyethylene from Belgium to Atyrau in Kazakhstan.

- Regular transports of full trains Polyethylene from Belgium to Baku/Azerbaidjan.

- Regular supplies for mining equipment to Ararat and Kapan in Armenia.

- Regular supplies of oversized conveyor belts from Europe to Zarafshan/Uzbekistan.